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Professionally written resumes, cover letters, and associated documents play a key role in successfully finding and gaining new employment. Ensure you’re representing yourself in the best possible light. Hire a professional.

Why hire someone else to write your resume? The answer is simple—professional resume writers are not just typesetters—their real skill and expertise is defining, positioning, and promoting your job skills and ultimately your career.

  • Professional Resume Writer


    A good resume writer knows what today’s recruiters and hiring managers want—and don’t want—to see in a resume.

  • Inside Perspective:

    A good resume writer knows what today’s recruiters and hiring managers want—and don’t want—to see in a resume.

  • Resume Strategy:

    A meticulous resume writer will make sure your career objective and unique value proposition are explicitly stated and seek to shape your work experience such that it is written and formatted to underscore these criteria.

  • Data Generation:

    An experienced resume writer can help you prepare for the interview process while building resume content by asking insightful questions to uncover and reframe your accomplishments and job duties.

  • Compelling Content:

    An astute writer is aware of industry-specific keywords that are searched by scanning software as well as HR screeners.

  • Language Expertise:

    A skilled writer has in-depth knowledge of grammar, structure, and style so you don’t have to worry about typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.


Just as when you need an attorney or a physician, call someone who’s a specialist, a professional.

Here are 12 things a career coach can do for you that you cannot get on the web or from that occasional good speaker or your well-meaning fellow networker:

  • RESULTS: Show me the money

    Your career funds your life. Your family’s life.

    What would you make per pay period if you were drawing a salary right now? Or, if you’re in a job, a better salary than you’re making now? Suppose you land even a month sooner than you would by trying to land on your own you would get that coaching fee BACK in salary and benefits in 1-2 pay periods, right? Now how long have you been out of work, or not doing what you want? So aren’t you paying for it already by yet not getting anywhere? Talk to a coach and learn what is possible. The fee is far less costly in the end than no salary or a bad salary month after month, year after year.

    More About Results:-

    Usually a career coach’s work results in higher income, shorter searches, decisions of a higher quality, and more happiness. Good career coaches are more about careers than “just finding a job”, although they focus on the practical side of search as well. What you learn during a career coaching project, you can use again and again.

  • Recruiters and Hiring Managers see the difference

    We’ve had recruiters tell us that coached clients are focused, and can readily tell their success stories unlike their uncoached competitors. Thus they have a much better chance of being put in front of the recruiters’ client companies.

  • Custom help for YOU

    A coach gives you help tailored to YOU. Not off – the –shelf cookie cutter, but attention to just you, what’s genuine for you, what’s real for you, what fits YOU. Unless someone spends time with you, like a coach, you just can’t find this level of help.

  • Seeing what you have to offer more readily than you can

    That’s what a career coach can do. You are too close to yourself to see things about you, even positive things, that the coach can see and discuss with you. She will be more objective than you, able to see your gifts and how they can be applied in the real world.

  • We help you generate new ideas and new strategies you can’t readily see.

    We know that candidates can come up with strategies on their own that can work. But what happens if they don’t work where do you go from there? A coach will help you develop new strategies and methods as you go along in the search. He can spot potential and opportunity you can’t see because you’re too close to you, the “product”. Even your friends and family are too close to you. A coach gives you perspective on developments in your search, so that you know what you can do something about, and what you can’t. A good coach can, and will tell you when “it’s you” causing a problem and when it’s NOT “you”. And most importantly, what to do about it.

  • We know the latest REAL ways to land a good job.

    A good career coach knows the latest in many, many job search methodologies, topics and issues. Good coaches “keep their ears to the ground” so to speak, making sure they know what employers and recruiters are thinking. A coach has had many other clients, has seen what’s worked/not worked. She helps you avoid time consuming mistakes. As a member of the Louisiana Workforce Development Board and two Society of Human Resource Chapters (SHRM), Danielle has unprecedented access to hearing what employers are seeking in an potential candidates and provides you with that insight and wisdom.

  • Staying focused on you investing time and effort into your career.

    A good coach will keep your focus on career pathing, not just THIS job search, but for every other one you’re likely to have.

  • Helping you come up with good answers to tough or awkward questions.

    Do you know manage that often asked question “We think you’re overqualified”? Or how to answer the “weakness” question? Do you have a gap in your work history, were laid off or involved in a firing? A good coach works with you to generate honest answers, but answers that advance your search.

  • Setting goals, staying motivated.

    A good coach helps you set realistic goals, and he helps you stick to them, AND helps you stay motivated despite ups and downs.

  • Working for you, not the employer.

    We work for you, not a hiring company. Just you. A good coach advocates for you even if YOU get in your own way!

  • Decisions

    Your coach is your personal “sounding board” and part of your unofficial Board of Directors. She’ll help you decide on ways to go  weigh and measure between and among options.

  • Ongoing temperature check of how it’s going.

    The coach is there after each interview, for example, to debrief with you: how did it go, what does it mean and what’s next?

DMD & Associates, Inc. was established in 1999 and is led by Principal Consultant & Founder Danielle Dayries.

With a background in developing branding campaigns for Fortune 100 companies in including McDonalds, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Sara Lee,

Danielle is able to parlay her marking expertise to aide individuals in identifying their unique selling propositions and creation of self-branding materials.

Danielle has managed the entire life cycle of employees’ from recruiting, hiring to onboarding, therefore she has an intimate knowledge of what companies are seeking when reviewing candidates resumes and performing interviews.

In addition, by being a board member for two Society of Human Resource (SHRM) chapters and serving on the Louisiana Workforce Investment Board, she has unprecedented access into the needs of hiring managers and recruiters.

Danielle has a reputation for instantly establishing a connection with her clients. By asking targeted questions and gathering significant information during her initial consultation, Danielle is able to generate a resume that outlines the depth and importance of her client’s professional work history.

Because Danielle makes every effort to understand her clients, they are able to feel more at ease. Clients then often reveal professional accomplishments and experiences they thought were insignificant. The end result is a professionally written resume that is noticeable and stands out among the competition.

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