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October 5, 2015

DMD & Associates, Inc. Helping Acadiana Get Back to Work with Outplacement Services

One of our office locations is in the "oil hub" of the United States, Lafayette, Louisiana. With the oil booms of the past, this industry is known for maintaining large workforces. However, as the rest of the country is enjoying lower gas prices, the oil industry is being forced to make workforce reductions and unemployment levels within this industry are on a rise.

bloginnerAs a member of the Lafayette, LA Workforce Investment Board, guest career expert speaker for the LAGCOE Career Expo and guest resume writer for the Lafayette, LA LEDA Job fair, I stand poised to aide all companies in the region help their employees affected by a downsizing get back to work quickly!

The benefits of providing outplacement services from a locally owned company is extensive, but perhaps the most important benefit is outplacement's ability to protect relationships. The oil and gas industry is not static! It is constantly experiencing ups and downs, meaning that many times employees are rehired when needed. By taking care of employees during times of workforce reductions, you maintain the relationships and loyalty you already established, in turn keeping the talent close by for future needs.

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